315 FPS! KWC Taurus PT 24/7 Spring Pistol RIS Airsoft Gun – HPA Heavyweight


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Product Description

The officially licensed Taurus HPA (heavy, powerful, accurate) airsoft pistol is a very realistic spring hand gun with remarkable durability! The PT 24/7 is perfectly trademarked and remarkably detailed for accurate authenticity. Your 24/7 airsoft pistols internals are completely metal. The slide pulls back to cock, and opens the breech way for easy barrel clearing and cleaning. Its functional slide lock presses upwards to lock its slide in place, just like the real McCoy! The Taurus HPA 24/7 fires with BAX Spin (hop up) and has good enough accuracy to get quarter size groupings! There is a working safety provided to avoid any unwanted fires. A front bottom rail was integrated into the frame for the addition of tactical laser or lights. This pistol’s handle is thick and solid with an amazing ergonomic fitting rubberized toothed grip for easy, secure, and form fitting handling.


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